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Due to the pandemic, many businesses have been affected and have closed their doors temporarily. However, thanks to the guiding principles established by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Health, they will be able to resume their activities again.
Both employees and employers must comply with the biosecurity standards set for each sector. It means that they should not only comply with basic protocols such as handwashing and disinfection of spaces, but also with those established by the entities mentioned above.


Guiding principles for each sector


Media and cultural industries

These are the protocols established for the different activities related to the cultural industries, radio, television, and other media. This resolution applies to artistic presentations rehearsals, which can be transmitted virtually.

It is governed by resolution 957 of June 16, 2020.


Household trade and other products

These guiding principles apply to companies working in any of the following activities: non-specialized wholesale trade, waste wholesale trade, computer and communication equipment retail trade, textiles, household appliances and gas appliances, furniture and lighting equipment, household items and utensils, pharmaceutical and medicinal products, cosmetics, second-hand items, and non-store retail trade.

It is governed by resolution 904 of June 11, 2020.



In this section, will be found the guiding principles defined for the construction sector. Also, it includes what corresponds to the works that are in process in homes and inhabited institutions (housing, commercial premises, offices, and other institutions that are operating).

It is governed by resolution 898 of June 10, 2020.


Miscellaneous services

These protocols apply to the economic activities of publishing, legal, accounting, business administration, management consulting, architecture and engineering, scientific research and development, advertising and market research, rental and leasing, employment, maintenance and repair of appliances, hairdressing and other beauty treatments, technical testing and analysis, and automotive diagnostic centers.

It is governed by resolution 899 of June 10, 2020.


Publishing industry, audiovisual, jewelry, tobacco, toys, and sports equipment

These are the standards that apply to the product manufacturing of tobacco, printing activities and production of audio copies, software and films from original recordings, jewelry, musical instruments, sports equipment, games, toys, instruments and furniture for medical and dental uses.

It is governed by resolution 889 of June 3, 2020.


Supply centers and market places

This section refers to the biosecurity established for the prevention of the virus in Colombia, related to the supply centers and market places.

It is governed by resolution 887 of June 2, 2020.


Food, beverage, petrochemical, chemical, and metallurgical industry

Here are the standards that involve the manufacturing industry authorized to produce food and beverage products, as well as the petrochemical, chemical, and related industries. Also, the standards that are related to the manufacture of non-metallic mineral products and basic metallurgical products.

It is governed by resolution 748 of May 13, 2020.


Food, drinks and tobacco trade, as well as hotel accommodation

These are the biosecurity standards for the trade sector, especially for the wholesale and retail trade of food, beverages, and tobacco, as well as hotel accommodation and restaurant activities, cafeteria, and mobile food service.

It is governed by resolution 749 of 13 May 2020.


Maintenance of automobiles, hardware stores, construction materials sale, and stationery

This is the regulation for companies working in the following activities of the trade sector: maintenance and repair of vehicles, building materials wholesale trade, hardware, glass products, plumbing and heating materials, household utensils trade, books retail trade, newspapers, and stationery.

It is governed by resolution 739 of May 9, 2020.


Electronic devices and accessories, optical instruments, automotive, and furniture manufacturing

These are the guiding principles created for companies related to the manufacture of electronic components and boards, computers and peripheral equipment, communication equipment, optical instruments and photographic equipment, automotive vehicle manufacturing, and furniture, mattresses, and bedsteads manufacturing.

It is governed by resolution 738 of May 9, 2020.


Equipment for ICTs, laundry and repair of furniture, and home accessories maintanance

Here are the protocols established for the following business and support activities: computers and communication equipment maintenance and repair, furniture and home accessories repair, washing, and cleaning (includes dry cleaning of textile and leather products).

It is governed by resolution 737 of May 9, 2020.


By complying with these guiding principles, Colombian companies will be able to resume their activities. This is how the economic reactivation of the country and each of its sectors will be achieved.

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