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The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and PROCOLOMBIA presented the new Colombian international tourism campaign abroad.

The new strategy highlights unique experiences that tourists can enjoy in Colombian destinations, such as hiking on beaches in the midst of a parade of sea turtles, discovering a lost city, sailing with whales or visiting historic places immortalized in famous literary works.

Today, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Sergio Diaz-Granados and PROCOLOMBIA President Maria Claudia Lacouture, presented the new campaign that will promote Colombian tourism around the world. It also aims to tell foreign travelers how they can have unique and magical experiences in Colombia.

"Colombia, Magical Realism" is the new slogan to promote tourism abroad. It was conceived to pique foreign tourist's interest in having "different", "magic", "unique" and "surprising" experiences. This slogan is built on the one answer strategy, and “the answer is Colombia”.

This expression summarizes the essence of experience had by foreigners who have visited Colombia. It also consolidates previous campaigns which have changed people's perceptions and shown the charms of Colombian tourist destinations, as well as progress in terms of security and stability - "The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay".

The campaign will show that Colombia is nature (agritourism, birdwatching and whale watching); adventure (scuba diving and extreme sports); sun and sand; boating experiences (sea and river cruises); culture (religious events, fairs, carnivals, archaeological sites); and it is also a destination for business (conventions, congresses, events).

THR, one of the most recognized tourism consultants in the world, carried out a study of what Colombia has to offer based on visitors' experience. Colombia has an "unforgettable" rating for the incredible diversity of its geography and culture.

Things that might be normal for us, such as the seven tones of the waters of San Andres; the five colors of the Caño Cristales river bed; the green carpet of the Coffee Cultural Landscape; the inspiring streets of Cartagena de Indias; the Sierra Nevada on the Caribbean shore, for a tourist, are a magical image, a revealing moment, an unforgettable experience," declared Maria Claudia Lacouture.

In addition to finding a differentiating factor for Colombian tourism, the THR research also showed the vitality of this sector. This is not only due to the increase in the number of international tourists, but also a change in what is available.
Colombia's regions offer a variety of tourism products which complement traditional ones, and allow the traveler to enjoy natural attractions, culture, wellbeing, sun and sand, and more in one destination.

According to data from the World Tourism Organization and Migracion Colombia, foreign tourism has grown an average rate of 10.4% over the last eight years (2005-2012). This rate is three times higher than the global rate during this period. The government's goal is to double the number of visitors to receive 4 million travelers in 2014, which would generate 4 billion dollars of revenue. For 2030, the goal is 7 million.

"Through this campaign we want travelers to know that they can come to Colombia, but also what they can do here. We will include elements to awaken their senses: they will listen to bird songs from our lands or smell the aroma of Colombian coffee just by opening a magazine," explained the president of PROCOLOMBIA, the governmental entity in charge of promoting Colombian tourism, exports and investment.

Additionally, technological elements, such as QR codes that activate from printouts, video testimonies, devices, applications, blogs and specialized media will be used. The target audience will experience Colombian tourism with all of its senses.

This campaign will be the launching pad for the promotion strategy that the entity is currently running in 30 countries. It will also be part of fairs, expositions and events where the entity participates in order to position Colombia in foreigners' minds as a place that cannot be missed.

Maria Claudia Lacouture concluded by saying, "we want to send the message that if anyone wants to find a place with a magical tourism experience, then there should be no doubt that the answer is Colombia."

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