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Interior decoration and exterior and interior design are areas ripe for outstanding creativity all over the world. Colombia is most certainly not left behind here, because its designers and brands have been reinventing themselves, improving processes, innovating in terms of products and functionalities, and strengthening their internationalization processes to reach all markets around the world. Design Room Colombia is a digital platform created to bring Colombian design into the limelight.

What is this exterior and interior design project all about?

This initiative, as mentioned above, seeks to highlight the work of Colombian designers in international markets. It was created in 2018 and has managed to strongly position the country in the global field of design and furniture.

Currently, the project has had two instalments: Edición Central (2018) and Relieve Tropical (2019). Ten Colombian brands have participated in each one, with both editions spawning unique pieces that have been used to recreate different environments with a unique, contemporary style.

Edición Central

This first edition was held in the city of Bogota and owes its name to the capital's melting pot dynamic. Various design companies participated, as well as others of interior decoration, to harmonize the different spaces with the unique pieces and diverse inspirations that each one offered.

Its execution was achieved thanks to the support of curator Mónica Barreneche, a photographer, journalist, and audiovisual media professional. The 10 Colombian brands that participated in this edition were: Ángela Ramos, Artesanías de Colombia, Cruz de la Pava, Del Portillo, Folies, Gres, Ícono Taller, Muebles y Accesorios, Verdi, and Zientte.

Relieve Tropical

This second edition aimed to extend the project to other prominent cities of Colombia, being carried out in Medellin and Santa Marta, as well as Bogota. Its name is inspired by Colombia’s geography: three impressive mountain ranges that, being on tropical latitudes, allow the country to have an astounding variety of climates and temperatures that coexist throughout the year.

This time, the curator was Claudia Correa, an industrial designer specialized in marketing. The 10 Colombian brands that participated in this edition were: 5AM, Diamantina y La Perla, Konkretus, MUS, Perceptual, Sativa, Tu Taller, Tucurinca, Tybso, and Vida Útil.

Design Room Colombia, a showcase of contemporary exterior and interior design.

Innovation through technology

This digital platform seeks to ease the promotion of Colombian design through technology. The idea is to showcase the product offer without the need of a physical exhibition, since fragility, size, weight, and logistics often complicate shipping to other countries and continents.

One of the most innovative tools boasted by Design Room Colombia is the integration of 360 photographs and virtual reality, which offer an immersive experience into the digital showroom of these Colombian brands.

All of this is achieved through spaces previously planned out and decorated with the pieces of each participating Colombian brand. Additionally, the platform offers individual pictures of each product, their technical specifications, a video of each designer, and other essential elements for the segment and the buyers of this sector, in order to offer more in-depth information.

Colombian exterior and interior design has been part of different events

Design Room Colombia has participated in various world-class events, including Maison & Objet 2019, Expoartesanías 2018 and 2019, and the 2018 Hotel Equipment Business Matchmaking Forum.

These events help further state why Colombia is a country with a top-notch offer of high-quality design products, in addition to its ability to reach essential segments such as international buyers, interior design experts, and content generators.

Colombian designers in the media

Due to the outstanding work achieved by these designers through the Design Room Colombia platform, the project has been featured in multiple national and international media outlets, especially interior design magazines.

• AXXIS (Special Edition): published on 8 November 2018, in Colombia, Argentina, Panama, and Ecuador.

• AXXIS December: published in December 2018, in Colombia.

• AD Spain: published on 23 November 2018, in Spain.

• AD Mexico: published on 1 December 2018, in Mexico.

• Elle Decore UK: published on 6 December 2018, in the UK.

• Cromos March: published in March 2019, in Colombia.

• Dwell August: published in August 2019, in Colombia.

This project reaffirms the talent that Colombian designers showcase through their different strengths and specialties. From plant decoration, through mastery of Colombian artisanal and ancestral techniques, to specialized tableware design. Dare to immerse yourself in this virtual reality experience and learn more about Design Room Colombia here.

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