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On Thursday, May 21st, Inexmoda (Institute for Export and Fashion) confirmed the execution of Colombiamoda 2020. For this edition, due to the current global situation, the event will be presented through a digital platform. Colombian fashion will be moved to another space, but without losing its essence.

What is Colombiamoda 2020?

Colombiamoda, which takes place every year, is the most important event of the textile sector in Colombia and, according to Inexmoda, of Latin America. Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Colombia and the world, this year it will be held virtually from July 27 to August 2. For these reasons, it has taken the form of a digital platform or digital fair and will have several new features adapted to new technological tools, such as online sales.

Despite these changes, the organizers confirmed through a virtual press conference that the event will maintain its well-known triangle: fashion (entertainment and staging), knowledge (Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion, Master Class, and consulting), and business (retail and business meetings).

The offerers (which will be approximately 300 companies) and specialized buyers have shown considerable interest in participating in this edition of Colombiamoda and exploring all the new features it will bring. They will be able to witness the creativity of brands and designers, and also the fact that this version includes a health and protection category.

Staging, what’s new in this edition

In the 30 years that Colombiamoda has been in existence, one of the most important aspects of the show has been the runways, which this year are transformed from physical to virtual. They will not be called ‘runways’ but staging, while still maintaining their essence and strength.

Designers will be able to present their collections through this space, which will be transmitted via different channels. Here, the format called 'see now, buy now' will be highlighted, which entails being able to buy the products presented.

How will this Colombian fashion event help the industry?

By having such a recognized space in their hands, the organizers of this event know that they can support people that are being affected by the current situation. This is why, despite the pandemic, they have decided to let the show go on and allow the event to proceed as planned.

Initially, it seems clear to them that they will not receive the same turnout as in past years. However, they are aiming to send messages of optimism to the people working in this industry and show them that there are still business opportunities to be made.

Many of these companies have been adapting to the situation through online sales and e-commerce. But, according to Inexmoda, these only represent 10% of total sales. As such, they seek to support and improve the situation of Colombian brands, entrepreneurs, and designers.

Also, the event will have companies from the 4.0 industries that will help digitize businesses through services such as digital catalogs, content generation, virtual reality, and online payment platforms.

This Colombian fashion event will continue to surprise, this time reinventing itself and supporting the industry during the current global situation. Learn more about Colombiamoda 2020 here.

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