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Learn about the legal framework related to the creation, activities and administrative operation of PROCOLOMBIA. Principles, framework; you may also find the regulations that led to the establishment of Bancoldex (Banco de Comercio Exterio), Fiducoldex (Sociedad Fiduciaria de Comercio Exterior).


Article 21, Creation of Banco de Comercio Exterior.

Regulates the transformation of the Exports Promotion Fund, PROCOLOMBIA at Banco de Comercio Exterio - Bancoldex. It also defines its legal nature and functions, and orders to establish an autonomous trust or patrimony to promote exports.

  • Public Deed No. 1497 dated October 31st, 1992 issued by the Notary Public Office Four of Cartagena

Establishes the corporation Fiduciaria de Comercio Exterior S.A., also known as Fiducoldex.

Part Ten, Chapter XI

Updates the organic statute of the financial system and amends its headings and numbering. Bancoldex provisions contained in Decree 2505 of 1991 are covered from Article 279 to 285.

  • Public Deed No. 8851 of November 5th, 1992 issued by the Notary Public Office One of Bogotá

Commercial Trust Contract entered into by and between Banco de Comercio Exterior - Bancoldex, on behalf of the State, and Fiduciaria de Comercio Exterior - Fiducoldex S.A. This contract establishes the autonomous trust or patrimony to promote exports at PROCOLOMBIA.

Chapter IV, Articles 33 and 34

Determines the objectives and organic structure of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism. The nature of PROCOLOMBIA and the composition of the Advisory Board are defined in Articles 33 and 34.

This decree partially develops Laws 7 and 9 of 1991 to determine that the export promotion activity includes the promotion and facilitation of foreign investment in Colombia.

Single Regulatory Decree of the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Sector.

Article Trust - Procolombia. Organization for the non-financial promotion of exports through the constitution of an autonomous wealth trust.

The laws and decrees mentioned above can be consulted in the Single Regulatory Information System – SUIN or in the Official Gazette