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Citizen Services

servicio al ciudadano

PROCOLOMBIA advisors will assist you online in case of any question

Through PROCOLOMBIA citizen informationservices and its official site, you will have access to basic information, in English and Spanish, on Internationalization Processes, Markets, Investment in Colombia and Tourism.

Everyday, the Zeiky (Foreign Trade Assistance and Information Center) gathers the most frequent questions posted by users in order to permanently update the citizen information service section.

Through our call centers or online assistance, you will have the support of specialized trade and tourism advisors.

Great Service, Clarity and Accessibility is the maxim of the different citizen information services.

Answer to FAQ

In this section find a complete list about basic entrepreneur questions on markets and export services.

On "Frequent Questions about Markets" you will get to know some recommendations about how to choose the market to export, which countries buy your product and which ones has a better export potential and where to obtain economic information.  

Frequent Questions about Export Services will clear basic doubts like "what is a service?" and "how to begin to export services?"

Frequent Questions about Markets and Services

Consult FAQ's about Markets and Services

Assitance to navigate the site (sitemap)

PROCOLOMBIA's official sitemap will help you navigate easier through all of its contents, like investment, logistics, commercial opportunities in the United States, PROCOLOMBIA general information and its services, tourism (destinations, activities and information for Tourism Entrepreneurs) and Information Centre services.

Also find sitemap.


For concers about foreign trade or about PROCOLOMBIA services, technical support, claims, comments or suggestions, Click here.

Work with us, be part of the entity in charge of the promotion of tourism, investment and exports in Colombia. Send your CV through the following format, Click here


Find in alphabetical order or by exact word the definition and references of commercial terms and initials.

Complaints and Claims

For PROCOLOMBIA it is important to attend to the complaints and claims of its users, also to clarify any concerns in order to provide a better service every day. In order to facilitate the registration of your request, please note that a Complaint is the manifestation of a dissatisfaction with a ProColombia official and a Claim is the manifestation of a dissatisfaction with a service.

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Calendar of Activities

Find the events and activities that PROCOLOMBIA does in Colombia and the world.

Select by sector and location, the events of interest.

Job Offer

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