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Discover the beauty behind Colombian handicrafts


A good of Colombian origin

Steeped in culture and tradition, Colombian handicrafts have conquered the global market. With a taste of national history, these have become an artistic expression that brings to the world the true beauty of Colombian goods. Discover what the country’s talent has to offer and the competitive advantages that you will have in the market if you decide to acquire the local work.

Made of ceramics, marble and vegetable fibers, among other materials, these stand out for being handmade, in many cases, and with ancestral and traditional techniques, which have been preserved from generation to generation to polish the production of pieces that represent the traditions and beliefs of Colombian communities.

This is why national handicrafts have not ceased to be appreciated by buyers from different places in the world, who find value in high quality pieces that, due to their particular cultural characteristics, cannot be found in any other country than Colombia, which gives an advantage to buyers who wish to trade with a unique good, of high quality and with the capacity to delight its final consumer.


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A solid and stable market

Colombian handicrafts offer is not something new. In fact, it already has a long history in the global market, as different buyers have already decided to trust in Colombia and have seen the value of this kind of goods.

The doors of international markets are open for the businessmen of the country of beauty, which allowed exports of Colombian handicrafts to reach US$ 6.5 million in 2023, which was 13.7% more than what was achieved in 2022, when these reached US$ 5.7 million.

This marks a trend that started in 2021, when exports increased 35.4 % compared to 2020, reaching US$ 4.2 million, what makes the handicrafts market a solid one, with a wide offer, which has grown in recent years and has the potential to continue in that way.


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In addition, the main buyers of this Colombian good were the United States, Spain, Panamá, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Aruba. So, if you are located over there you can count on the fact that paths have already been opened between Colombia and your country and that Colombian businessmen already have the experience to do business there.

The Colombian offer

Colombian offer is as diverse as its people. In the national industry you can find all kinds of goods that have hundreds of stories behind them. And it’s thanks to their talented people that Colombian companies have already managed to position themselves in many markets.

One example of this is Waya Artesanías, a company by women and for women that, together with Wayuu women, an indigenous community located in Colombia, builds bags with designs and materials typical of the region inspired by indigenous crafts.

Another example is Sombvueltiao, another example of Colombian talent that shows the world goods such as the traditional and representative sombrero vueltiao, among many others, and that has managed to export part of the beauty of Colombian cultural heritage.

Finally, SinuForYou is one of many companies that have a wide range of artisanal products for buyers looking for quality and original goods, offering products such as handmade handbags, made with original designs.

These companies have managed to offer these handmade treasures not only nationally, but also in many countries around the world, helping the Colombian brand to cross borders and position itself through the Colombian artisans' talent and the history that each handicraft carries with it.


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How to acquire Colombian handicrafts?

If you have already decided to acquire fascinating Colombian handicrafts, you should know that in the country you will find many organizations that will help you in the process of obtaining this and any other kind of goods.

One of these is ProColombia, which has several tools focused on showing you the national offer. It also organizes events to bring together exporters and international buyers, and initiatives to inform about the process of buying Colombian goods and to make businesses here.

In addition, the country also has entities such as Artesanías de Colombia, which focuses on accompanying international buyers and showing them what national artisans and companies in the sector have to offer.

Finally, Colombia has many trade agreements with countries such as the United States, European and Latin American countries, among many others.That’s why we recommend you to learn more about this subject here, as you can count on tariff facilities at the time of making your purchase.


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Don't miss the opportunity to discover unique artifacts with the capacity to bring together the history and tradition of an entire country and participate in a market that is constantly growing. Find out more about the national offer here.

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