Cartagena de Indias: Beauty, commodity and romance

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20 Septiembre 2018
Cartagena de Indias is a city located in the Colombian Caribbean coast. Is the capital of the department of Bolivar and is considered as one of the architectonic jewels of Latin America. In November of 1984, Cartagena was declared as Historical and Cultural Patrimony and Heritage of the World.

The city has 11 kilometres of walled city and an average temperature between 75°F and 90°F.

Cartagena’s history is also very rich. It was founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia. 

Being considered as a great value port for commercial purposes, it was coveted by English and French. This, along the need to protect themselves from hardships of other conquerors, are the reasons why Cartagena is dresses with walls that provides the romanticism of this unique city. 

Bolivar’s capital city achieved its independence from the Spanish yoke in November of 1811. Today, besides its amazing beauty, is the venue of many important cultural events, as the Classic Music Festival, the Hay Festival and the International Cartagena Film Festival (FICCI). 

But also, is the scenery for majestic weddings due to the romanticism of its cobbled streets and its walls, along the high-quality offer of hotels, food and tourism.

Couples who are searching for a unique and unforgettable experience for its wedding, must take Cartagena into account. It offers commodities for the newlyweds and their guests, along experiences filled with beauty and romanticism.

A boat ride by the Caribbean coast or a night walk by the side of its magnificent colonial architecture makes Cartagena an attractive destination for foreign engaged couples. 

Beyond its undeniable and obvious beauty, Cartagena meets the needs the wedding industry demands. Nowadays wedding trends show that foreign couples aim to find authenticity in their wedding destinations, which should by broaden by local experiences, as, for example, food and decoration.

The ‘Heróica’, nickname given to Cartagena by its resistance and stoic history, fulfil all the market conditions greatly. Reason why Cartagena de Indias will always be an excellent alternative for having an unforgettable wedding, for both the couples and the guests.