Digital entrepreneurs will assist in attracting more foreign investment

06 Marzo 2020
Colombia Country Brand Ambassadors will be appointed to help promote other Colombian ventures in international markets by sharing their experience and knowledge.

Ten Colombian digital entrepreneurs will be appointed as Industry 4.0 Colombia Country Brand ambassadors, in order to encourage more foreign direct investment in Colombia's digital enterprises and boost the country’s exports.

“We would like to highlight and celebrate Colombian talent in all areas; that is why we dispatched this new group of ambassadors—to represent Colombia's international image as an entrepreneurial country capable of success through innovative ideas. They are the perfect example of the Orange Economy that our national government works to promote,” stated Flavia Santoro, ProColombia president.

This group includes the following entrepreneurs: Felipe Villamarín, co-founder of Rappi; Freddy Vega, CEO and founder of Platzi; Tomás Uribe, CEO and co-founder of Stereotheque; Valerie López, CEO and co-founder of Shoot My Travel; Bruno Ocampo, CEO and founder of Mi Águila; Daniel Bilbao, CEO of Truora; Ilana Milkes, founder of World Tech Makers; Andrés Barreto, Socialatom investor; Carlos Upegui, Frubana's Director of Strategy; and Alexander Torregrosa, CEO and co-founder of Torre.

“In addition to being ambassadors of the best that Colombia has to offer, these 10 entrepreneurs will be responsible for training other entrepreneurs, helping them formalize their business ideas and entrepreneurial skills, as well as training them to raise smart capital and reach international markets,” added ProColombia's president.

They will also participate at the events as speakers, where they will share their experiences as successful entrepreneurs. Some of these meetings include the ProColombia Pitch Session, Colombia Investment Summit, Collision, LAB4, London Tech Week, Viva Tech Paris, Singapore Fintech Festival, Expo Dubai, and the Bogotá Tech Summit.

About the Entrepreneurs

1.    Felipe Villamarín is co-founder of Rappi, a delivery app used to order and send items through a courier service. Rappi received foreign direct investment of US $3.2 billion from SoftBank Group and SoftBank Vision Fund.

2.    Tomás Uribe is CEO and co-founder of Stereotheque, an educational platform that connects experienced professionals and music students, which recently received an investment of US $120,000 from Starta Ventures.

3.    Valerie López is CEO and co-founder of Shoot My Travel, a digital platform that brings together a global market of photographers for any experience around the world. The platform has secured investments from Jason Calacanis, a Silicon Valley angel investor, TripLabs (Hong Kong), and Venture Republic (Japan). 

4.    Bruno Ocampo is CEO and founder of Mi Águila, a web platform and app with permits to offer corporate transport services. The company has raised more than US $2 million and has access to a fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles throughout six cities in Colombia.

5.    Freddy Vega is CEO and founder of Platzi, a web platform that offers effective online education through high-quality content and is accessible to the general public. With more than 100 employees and over 700,000 students, it has managed to raise more than US $6 million.

6.    Daniel Bilbao is CEO of Truora, a web platform for fraud prevention that provides background checks and identity verification in seconds. Truora works with Uber, Rappi, Davivienda, and G4S Secure Solutions, among others.

7.    Ilana Milkes is founder of World Tech Makers, a platform that generates virtual and face-to-face educational spaces to train children, youth, and adults in technology-related subjects. This platform received investment from Draper VC, a Silicon Valley fund, and won the MIT MassChallenge in 2015.

8.    Andrés Barreto is founder of Socialatom Group, a private investment and advisory firm that has invested US $8 million and leveraged US $90 million for its portfolio of entrepreneurs. Barreto is also the founder of Grooveshark, PulsoSocial, and Onswipe.

9.    Carlos Upegui is Director of Strategy at Frubana, a web platform and mobile application specialized in selling fruits and vegetables by connecting farmers directly to restaurants. This platform has received investments from Monashees, Y Combinator, Kairos, and GE32.

10.    Alexander Torrenegra is CEO and co-founder of Torre, a global platform that allows users to easily find satisfactory professional opportunities.

About the Country Brand Ambassadors Program

These ten ambassadors join the other 24 personalities who have been appointed as Colombia Country Brand ambassadors, including Esteban Cortázar, Alexis Play, Alkilado, El Cholo Valderrama, Elkin Robinson, Fonseca, Herencia de Timbiquí, Irie Kingz, Juan Pablo Vega, Maía, La Mamba Negra, Mr. Black, María Mulata, Martina La Peligrosa, Piso 21, Puerto Candelaria, Sebastián Yatra, and Yuri Buenaventura. 

This program aims to help improve Colombia's image by sharing the good news of what is happening in Colombia, through both social networks and the ambassadors' outreach channels, among other spaces.

Also joining the group are free diver Sofía Gómez, 13-time extreme diving world champion Orlando Duque, artist Jota Villarreal, and Argentine journalist Mario Sábato.