American and Canadian investment funds look to invest in Colombian entrepreneurs

ProColombia developed the ProColombia Pitch Sessions with the goals of connecting Colombian entrepreneurs and companies with foreign investors, fostering entrepreneurship in the country, and creating new business opportunities for investment funds and international companies in Colombia. In addition to two sessions held in 2018 and 2019, four Pitch Sessions were held in 2020, for a total of six days dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in Industry 4.0, agriculture, and medical cannabis.

Over 100 Colombian entrepreneurs will learn what kinds of enterprises American and Canadian funds are looking to invest in. They will also learn about opportunities for internationalization in innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems such as Miami, San Antonio, and Niagara (Canada). The reverse pitch is an innovative method being used in Colombia for the first time.

Investment guide for the automotive sector in Colombia published

The Guide for Investors provides an analysis of Colombia’s industrial capacity for manufacturing vehicles and auto parts, the institutional support capabilities supporting the sector and the dynamics of local demand, as well as the sector’s export potential. 

The publication highlights the commercial potential of investment project opportunities and illustrates the various investment regimes that investors can take advantage of. Finally, it presents the state of Colombia’s infrastructure for the facilitation of the sector’s exports.

Guide for Investors: Colombian Automotive Industry has been published by ProColombia, the Colombian government’s agency charged with promoting domestic and foreign investments and exports, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Over 550 investors from around the world will meet at the Colombia investment summit

The sixth version of the Colombia Investment Summit this year will be virtual and is expected to attract between 1,200 and 1,500 attendees.

More than 550 investors—coming from markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America—will participate in over 1,000 business meetings.

More than 75 projects from sectors such as infrastructure, technology, agroindustry, energy, and tourism, among others, will be presented at the virtual meeting, which will take place October 7-9.

Colombia offers trade and investment opportunities as a relocation destination for U.S. and global companies

The Embassy of Colombia in the United States and ProColombia—the agency in charge of promoting and attracting foreign investment, tourism, and exports—are involved in a virtual roadshow, presenting Colombia as a strategic investment destination for North American companies and investors looking to do business closer to their production and consumer centers in a post-COVID-19 future.

Colombia aims to position itself as a relocation and expansion site for multinational companies looking to establish operations in locations that are closer to their production and consumer centers.

Settled investors ratify Colombia as an investment destination

The companies were mainly optimistic about their performance in the country. 99,6% of the surveyed companies are still considering Colombia as a destination for their investment.


A total of 229 foreign companies that operate in the country were surveyed by the Regional Investment Promotion Agencies and ProColombia regarding the expectations of their operations amid this crisis.

Colombia has the best investment attraction strategy in South America

Colombia has the best investment attraction strategy in South America, according to the annual Global Best to Invest Report published by Site Selection magazine. This publication belongs to the international conglomerate Conway, a company specialized in creating communication channels between productive ventures and those seeking to invest through technology transfer, resources, and development.


For the second consecutive year, ProColombia was recognized as one of the best investment promotion agencies by Site Selection magazine.

Legal measures taken by the Colombian Government

In Decree 639 of May 8, 2020, the National Government created the Formal Employment Support Program, which was expanded by Decree 677 of May 19, 2020 under the framework of the State of Economic Emergency. This measure seeks to alleviate companies’ lack of cash flow by establishing a subsidy for the payment of salaries.


In the last week, the National Government has issued several decrees in order to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on Colombia’s economy. Among the most significant are the Formal Employment Support Program and the VAT-exempt sale of certain products.

Colombia will receive 45 new foreign investment projects

In the midst of the challenges presented by COVID-19, Colombia maintains its attractiveness as a destination for foreign investment and business thanks to international businesses which continue to expand their operations in the country, highlighting Colombia’s positioning as an export platform, as well as its tax incentives and qualified labor.

This is demonstrated by the 45 new non-mining, non-energy foreign investment projects managed and captured by ProColombia between January and April 2020.

The projects come from 21 countries and total estimated business amounts of US $ 1,477 billion. In addition, they will generate about 17,000 news jobs.