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14 May 2020
Despite the current situation, foreign trade logistics operations and investment opportunities in Colombia continue.

In addition to the government's plan for the 5G program, port initiatives such as Puerto Pisisí in Antioquia, developed by the American investor Equinox Planet, announced they had achieved financial closure in March, with all studies corresponding to the US $290 million project completed. Construction is slated to begin in July 2020, according to BNAméricas.


To continue promoting this type of investment, the government has established economic measures for the transport infrastructure sector through Decree 575 of April 15, 2020. These measures include corporate commercial appraisal for the acquisition of occupied vacant lots (predios baldíos ocupados), compliance with the agreed terms regarding invoice payments to infrastructure project contractors in encouraged, and, most importantly, tax benefits for mega investments now extended to new investments made in the aeronautical sector before December 31, 2021 that are equal to or greater than two million tax value units (approximately US $18 million).


These measures are expected to continue to boost the infrastructure sector as a driver for economic recovery. Thus, ProColombia works to keep international investors informed about the status of operations at ports, airports, and border crossings, and regular services across the various transportation modes (air, land, sea).


To access the full status report of Colombia’s major logistics nodes, visit the following website:


Investment opportunity in ports


In recent weeks, the National Infrastructure Agency has announced an investment opportunity to deepen the port of Buenaventura’s access channel. The project is a public initiative, as are the resources, with an investment of approximately US $240 million through a public-private partnership.


A total of 34 km of intervention is expected, with a concession duration of 20 years. The project is currently in the prefeasibility stage, and according to plans the feasibility study will be published in December 2020 and the tender opened in April 2021.