Daily report - Preventive measures by the colombian goverment to help contain covid - 19

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09 July 2020
At ProColombia we want to express our solidarity with all the countries that are facing the challenges of COVID-19. Date: Thursday July 9, 2020

We want you to know that we are today more than ever committed to our investors and although working from home, to protect the health and safety of our team, we are connected and at your service.
Colombia is a resilient country, which identifies opportunities amid difficulties. With the necessary precautions, we want our projects to continue.
We have prepared this daily report to keep you updated on the decisions of the National Government regarding the current situation.

1. Number of cases detected in Colombia 

  • On the morning of July 9, 128,638 cases of Colombians infected with the coronavirus (Covid-19) are recorded. According to the Ministry of Health, 699 cities in the country already have at least one patient reported, with Bogotá presenting the most cases with a total of 40,737.
  • Atlántico(29.572),Valle del Cauca(12.846), Bolívar(11.254), Nariño(4.120) Amazonas(2.394), Antioquia(7.246), Cundinamarca(3.417), Meta(1.386), 
Magdalena(2.342), Chocó(2.033) Cesar(1.359), Tolima(1.187), Risaralda(654), Córdoba(1.264), Huila(397), Boyacá(446), Sucre(2.139), Santander(1.105), Caldas(279), Cauca(623),Norte de Santander(419), La Guajira(776), Quindío(180), Arauca(121), Casanare(91), Vaupés(29), Caquetá(82), San Andrés(28), Putumayo(39), Guainía(14), Guaviare(39), Vichada (1).
  • By gender they are 69,223 male and 59,415 female. There are 53,634 recovered patients and 4,527 deceased.

2. Covid-19 containment measures implemented by the Government of Colombia 

  • The director of Civil Aeronautics, Juan Carlos Salazar, announced that he expects that the first commercial pilot passenger flight will take place next week between the cities of Cúcuta and Bucaramanga.
  • Industry experts pointed out that, after the Government's approval for flights in Lebrija, Arauca, Cúcuta and Rionegro, the decision to make the pilot flights is in the hands of the airlines, which must review the demand for travelers, which would be, in initially, people who may have been isolated in cities other than their place of residence at the time they ordered the isolation, or people who are waiting to travel for study reasons or medical situations.
  • Avianca and Latam Airlines will not start the reactivation of this route on this route.
  • It is important to bear in mind, as Aerocivil clarifies, that flights for tourist purposes cannot be made at this stage because tourism is not yet fully enabled.
  • The decision to make the pilot flights is in the hands of the airlines, which must review the demand for travelers.
  • Meanwhile, the authorities have made visits to other airports in cities such as Manizales and Pereira. The Cartagena district has already requested the reopening, but it has not occurred because it is a city with high involvement of covid-19. Medellín, where the Olaya Herrera airport is, also made the request.
  • According to the most recent analysis of fares carried out by Almundo, the price of air tickets to travel from September to December 2020, decreased by up to 55 percent, compared to the fares paid by travelers during the same period in 2019.
  • Similarly, the report's results indicated that international tickets had the highest discounts, with Miami being the destination with the greatest decrease.
  • The average rate for the last 4 months of last year was $ 1,654,000 (COP); Travelers searching for travel from September through December of the current year will find fares starting at $ 730,000,(COP), representing a decrease of 55.8 percent.
  • The second destination with the highest discount is Cancun, which, with the same year, found a reduction of 51.7 percent, and third is Madrid, with almost 38 percent in cheaper tickets.
  • The Government reported last night that the first commercial flight was already authorized, with which the reactivation stage of the air operation in the country begins. This first flight  will cover the Bucaramanga Cúcuta route, but little by little other national routes will be added to this test.
  • As recalled, the Government itself, through resolution 1054 of 2020, defined the biosafety and operational guidelines that must be followed for the reactivation of commercial aviation on national flights, not only at the level of aircraft operation, but for related ground services.
  • According to the document, in addition to basic measures such as distancing (in waiting rooms, in lines and when boarding airplanes), temperature control, disinfection and the constant use of the mask, air terminal operators should prohibit the prolonged parking of vehicles from which passengers descend and apply sanctions.
  • They must also control that access is maximum two hours before the flight (to avoid crowds), limit the number of free access doors to the terminal and allow only access for those who have the electronic check-in.
  • Only in exceptional cases, passengers who have not been able to register electronically will be allowed to enter the airline's check-in module, while if the passenger only carries hand luggage, they should immediately go to the boarding lounge.
  • President Iván Duque announced a new extension of the quarantine, which will now run until August 1.
  • Initially, the isolation measure went until July 15. However, the exceptions already established remain and the Government announced progress in the reactivation of some sectors such as the pilot tests of national flights, with the first flight between Bucaramanga and Cúcuta, and the implementation of protocols for religious worship.
  • The president also announced that municipalities with low coronavirus involvement will open restaurants, theaters and gyms. Duque informed that in the municipalities with high affectation they will be able to make pilots for restaurants, theaters and museums.
  • "People who are within the exceptions regime will continue to operate within it and what we do is extend the concept of compulsory preventive isolation until the first of August, but with some modifications that are important in terms of recovery productive life and also other quality of life spaces, "explained President Duque.
  • Tourism sector firms advance in reactivation pilots - Aviatur case
  • With the reopening pilots of the airports that the Government is working on, the travel agency Aviatur has already activated personalized attention at 10 of its branches nationwide, complying with the protocols and permits of the corresponding entities.
  • The Aviatur offices open for face-to-face attention are in Armenia, Cúcuta, Santa Marta, Montería, Medellín, Cali, Pereira, Pasto, Valledupar and Chía.
    In addition, as part of its strategy to incentivize travel, Aviatur already has more than 450 plans ready for national destinations, designed according to the tastes of each traveler.
  • One of the advantages for those who are thinking of going on a trip once the borders are open, is that the prices of the flights are at their historical minimum. Not only on account of the VAT exemption for tourist and hotel services and the reduction of VAT from 19% to 5% for air tickets. Also because many tourist providers have launched striking promotions that seek to attract the attention of travelers to be visited after the pandemic.
  • Due to the economic consequences that covid-19 has generated and to consolidate the credit management strategy of consumers affected by the pandemic that has been in progress since March, the Financial Superintendency created the Debtor Support Program (PAD), which groups complementary measures.
  • The Superfinancial announced that it instructed credit institutions to adopt the PAD to apply targeted and structural measures to debtors affected by the situation. In the analysis made by each entity, the new economic reality of the debtor will be taken into account and it will be allowed to continue with the attention to the existing obligations during the life of the credit.
  • Credit institutions should also consider, for customers who have seen their income affected by the situation, the reduction in the value of the installment and grant new grace periods without the possibility of capitalization of interest and without charging interest for other items that are deferred as insurance and handling fees. Nor may the interest rate initially agreed upon be increased.
  • The Government reported that it will send 50 fans to rural areas of the country that are affected by covid-19.
  • According to Luis Guillermo Plata, manager for the Pandemic, "there are 50 portable fans that came to us with their own turbines, as they are devices that generate their own oxygen and have a 12-hour battery."
  • These first 200 fans that are projected in the country, are portable and high-tech that allows them to be ideal for remote areas.
  • Plata also added that "this June, a total of 1,183 fans must arrive in the country, depending on logistics at the international level. These fans are arriving in a staggered manner, which will give us significant response capacity."
  • San Andrés wins the battle at covid-19
    • With the recovery of the last two cases of people infected with Covid-19, Governor Everth Hawkins confirmed that the island is free of the virus.
    • "A week ago we gave the news of the recovery in Providencia of 4 people and today, the final results allow us to give this important news of zero infected by Covid-19," said the archipelago president.
    • However, Everth Hawkins indicated that it should be borne in mind that the virus is in the environment and should not lower its guard, nor that it will return to normal life.
    • "We are going to increase the tests to the community, as well as a judicious work with the students who will return from the interior of the country, fulfilling all the norms of the national order," said Hawkins.
    • In addition, today a group of roots and residents will arrive, to whom the test will be applied and will enter compulsory isolation in a hotel on the island.
    • It is important that the community does not let its guard down and continue to respect biosecurity protocols and the peak and schedule to avoid a regrowth"; the governor pointed out.
    • San Andrés had 17 cases of which 4 were reported in Providencia.

3. Economic support measures for entrepreneurs (incentives) that are being given by the National Government

Covid creates opportunity in the Circular Economy

  • The circular economy model introduced by the Government in its Development Plan to strengthen environmental awareness and economic progress in the country becomes relevant amid the situation stemming from the pandemic.
  • “The circular economy is going to move us towards environmental objectives by generating employment. They are also going to start creating a set of new businesses with this model, for example, in the area of ​​mobility and digitization, ”says Carlos Herrera, vice president of sustainability at Andi.(National Business association of Colombia)
  • According to this segment of the businessmen's union, the issue of collecting plastic containers and packaging is one of the most advanced in this strategy and the Government defined that from January 1st of next year it will be mandatory for companies to collect a portion of these materials.
  • In this sense, Herrera stresses that SMEs would be the main beneficiaries, since “the main concern is how to work with the supply chain, and that involves many small and medium-sized companies. It can be seen from a restaurant, to a laundry and a small industry. ”

4G infrastructure projects move forward

  • The policy of Economic Reactivation of works implemented by the national Government, through the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) in coordination with the Ministry of Transport, has managed to consolidate an important advance in the Fourth Generation Projects (4G) being built in the country.
  • The balance is very positive: of the 29 contracted highways, 24 are in full execution. The ANI is committed to having 95% of these projects reactivated and developing before the end of 2020. In fact, the Cartagena - Barranquilla and Circunvalar de la Prosperidad, Girardot - Honda - Puerto Salgar and Pacífico 2 projects are in the final phase of its construction stage.
  • “These two years we focus on carrying out priority projects for the regions, as we understand that they are vital to reactivate the economy and strengthen national competitiveness. In addition, there is nothing more hopeless for citizens than seeing the works stopped. This work, led by the national government, has been done hand in hand with local leaders, but also meeting the needs of Colombians, "said Angela María Orozco, Minister of Transportation.

Occupational Risk Administrators have delivered 28 million health items

  • The Occupational Risk Administrators (ARL) reported that they exceeded the objective of the initial delivery of 20 million protection elements to health personnel and have already completed more than 28 million of these implements.
  • The union reported that, to date, instrument deliveries have reached the 32 departments of the country, giving priority to the regions with the highest number of infections: 9.4 million have been delivered in Bogotá; Antioquia, with 3.1 million; Valle del Cauca, with 2.7 million; Atlántico, with 2.2 million; and Santander, with 1.1 million.
  • The ARL have invested more than $ 38,000 million (COP) in the coverage of benefits for all workers in Colombia

On the day without VAT $ 5.4 billion was sold, that is, four times more than a normal day

  • The first day without VAT on June 19, presented economic benefits to the trade sector, which were listed by President Iván Duque and the director of the Dian, José Andrés Romero as indications of the recovery of the sector that had growth 287% in the day.
  • Romero explained that $ 5.4 billion (COP) were sold, of which 48% was made through electronic invoicing, which is equivalent to $ 2.6 billion (COP). The remaining 52% were made through threshing and equivalent documents, in total $ 2.8 billion (COP)
  • Sales results were four times more than what is sold on a normal trading day, outside of the pandemic situation.
  • The economic activities of products other than those covered by Decree 682 grew 288% on June 19. Similarly, there was an increase in the use of the credit card of 346% and another 242% with the debit card.
  • The director of the Dian also announced that the product sector with the highest increase on the day of the exemption was that of household appliances with a rise of 1,302%, followed by culture and entertainment at 774%, sound and video equipment sound and video 725% and sporting goods 449%.

4. Social support measures being taken by the National Government

  • The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, spoke about the protocol for churches, as well as the evolution of the epidemic in different cities and the possibility of opening new sectors in the country.
  • In this he stated that a 15-day pilot phase begins, “we started with a maximum cap of 50 people, it will be monitored throughout the evolution. In addition, it begins in non-covid and low-impact municipalities. Here the social and economic openness is greater and it is almost the responsibility of the mayor, "said the minister.
  • "Churches, airports and restaurants are under control, we are planning a distance of two meters. It is the line of development that we have had within the entire process of preparing protocols, ”explained the head of the portfolio, adding that conversations have also been generated with all sectors, including the revision of protocols for gyms and for cultural aspects like museums.
  • "As the situation develops, we will generate the reopening, it is gradually. Once we define these parameters there are considerations of distance and time. Always measuring the risks, "said Ruiz. He also stated that Colombia is one of the few countries in the world that is generating openness at a time of growth of the epidemic. "Most of the countries do it when it is going down, so we must have special consideration and prudence when faced with this," he said.


Decree 457 of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia - Mandatory Preventive Isolation