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14 May 2020
In the midst of the current situation, opportunities to invest in Agritech—in various agribusiness processes taking place in Colombia—can become key factors for boosting competitiveness and strengthening the sector.

This includes several leading products in terms of local consumption, such as corn and potato production, where Colombia’s gap is greater than 60%, compared to the countries that lead production of these crops (FAO).


Additionally, there are opportunities to improve sales systems, which will allow producers to reduce post-harvest costs and losses.


New technology such as drones, big data, and artificial intelligence are some of the alternatives identified to improve the productivity, competitiveness, performance, and profitability of Colombia’s agribusiness.


These tools allow for the early recognition of diseases, management of agronomic resources and irrigation systems, as well as adequate monitoring and detection of nutritional deficiencies, among other capacities.


In addition, technological developments in logistics, online banking options, online sales, and last-mile services translate into excellent opportunities, since the pandemic has accelerated the growth of these sectors and their adoption processes.


During the quarantine, Colombians have significantly increased online purchases, from 6.4% of total sales in the last week of March 2019 to 30.5% in the same week of March 2020, according to a study from GfK.