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14 May 2020
New strategy for the expansion of hospital infrastructure in Colombia.

Colombian Ministry of Health declared that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an expansion plan for hospital infrastructure will be implemented. It’s expected that after the 4 phases of the plan (expansion, optimization, extension and critical extension of installed capacity), the figure of 9,826 intensive care units will be reached, 371% more compared to Colombia’s current capacity. (Ministry of Health and Social Protection, 2020) -


Additional resources for hospitals and clinics in the country


In order to guarantee financial liquidity in hospitals and clinics in the country, National Government confirmed an additional injection of financial resources to the healthcare sector for about USD 1.12 billion. These resources also ensure additional medications and procedures to patients in Colombia. (Ministry of Health and Social Protection, 2020) -


Positive economic prospects for the healthcare sector in Colombia


According to Fitch Solutions, despite the slowdown in the global economy caused by COVID-19, Colombian healthcare market is expected to grow from USD 21.5 billion in 2020 to USD 27.8 billion in 2024. Over the 10 year forecast period, health expenditure as a percentage of GDP will rise to 7.4% by 2029 and per capita spending will increase from USD 422 in 2020 to USD 735 in 2029. (Fitch Solutions, 2020)


Measures taken in Colombia against COVID-19 are working


According to analysis by sectoral experts, measures taken against COVID-19 pandemic in the country have had satisfactory results thanks to the timely action of the National Government, thus, figures of infected, hospitalized and deceased people in Colombia are low compared to other countries. Population growth estimates, a key sectoral variable that largely defines the dynamics of the industry and public spending on health, remain positive; it’s estimated that in 2020 it will exceed 50 million inhabitants and in 2025 it will be close to 52 million. (Ministry of Health and Social Protection – Fitch Solutions, 2020)


Colombia, regional benchmark in public health spending


Colombia is the third country in the region with the highest public spending on health as a percentage of total figure (62.9%). The strategic action plan implemented in the country evidences the commitment of the National Government to the healthcare sector. According to Fitch estimates, the current pandemic situation will not slow down the country's public health spending, as it´s expected that in 2024 it will increase 24% compared to 2020. (Fitch Solutions, 2020)