04 June 2021
Last update: June 8
  • The National Government is committed to maintaining public order and the security of its citizens in the national territory. For this reason, it is advancing in a national dialogue with all representatives of society, leading an ‘Agenda on Fundamentals’.

  • While protest is a right and the State respects it, the National Government rejects the de facto actions and all forms of violence that destroy public and private property, generating panic and terror, through road blockade and other acts of vandalism.

  • Violent actions are part of a strategy of systematic destabilization against the Government, with the aim of subverting the Constitutional and Democratic Order.

  • “The blockades are not part of a peaceful protest; the blockades are an attack on the rights of an entire nation, because they seek to cause supply shortages, and they also affect the productive apparatus, generate job losses and capital losses”, said Iván Duque, the president of Colombia.

  • The President reiterated that there is a will for dialogue from the National Government but, at the same time, he reaffirmed his rejection of de facto means: “We have also said, very clearly, that there is a spirit of dialogue for the construction of agreements. We must be absolutely rigorous: it is not possible to mediate, in any kind of situation, a de facto way”.

  • The President of the Republic, Iván Duque Márquez, the Minister of National Defense, Diego Molano Aponte, and the General Director of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, announced the bases of the police reform that emphasizes on the strict application of all human rights principles and protocols, the certification of processes, a change in the institutional image and the modernization of the entity to achieve greater harmony with citizens, in particular with young people. Among the new measures, there is the creation of a Human Rights Directorate within the National Police for the prevention, protection and respect for Human Rights and the strengthening of institutional policy.

  • The police reform also includes citizen participation for the integral transformation of the Police, starting from a constant dialogue on service, and the creation of a commission for the integral transformation.

  • The Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marta Lucía Ramírez, received the delegation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which carries out a working visit to the country until next Thursday, June 10th.

  • The official asked the Commission to listen to the voices of all the affected sectors during the strike and the demonstrations that began on April 28. “We have explained to the IACHR that the blockades to which they have subjected the Colombian people during these weeks have threatened life, food security and health, by preventing the supply of food and medicine. And that the Colombian Government and our country are always respectful of peaceful protest, as required by law.


On the public order situation in the city of Cali

  • The presence of the Police will continue to provide support in the security of Cali for its recovery and the dismantling of the blockade points.

  • The National Army has contributed with security and support to the caravans that move items from the food basket, which has allowed the reduction of prices to the consumer.

  • The National Army also provided accompaniment to the different caravans that enter and leave Valle del Cauca department. There, more than 120,000 tons of medicines, necessity goods and food were transported, as well as more than 343,000 gallons of fuel, all this in 5,537 automobiles.

  • More than 330 heavy vehicles circulated to and from Cali and the interior of the country, which, thanks to the presence of the Public Force, have been able to supply fruits, vegetables and other products to hundreds of homes throughout the national territory.

  • In Buenaventura, 2.021 vehicles have been able to move through the Maritime Port, ensuring that the movement of merchandise is dynamic and fluid.

  • In terms of mobility, in Palmira, in the sector known as Ye de Llanogrande, the Army raised a blockade that hindered the passage through this important sector of southern Valle del Cauca. There, debris and other elements that had been placed to prevent the circulation of motor vehicles were removed.