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National flower sale this week in 40 Loblaws stores

National flower sale this week in 40 Loblaws stores

Parallel to the International Business Macro-round of PROCOLOMBIA, which began today in Toronto, Canadians will be able to buy Colombian flower bouquets this week in a buy one get two promotion. 

The strategy takes place in the province of Ontario in 40 Loblaws supermarket chain stores, one of the largest in Canada.

The event not only aims at promoting Colombian exports to that country, but also at disclosing detailed information on the flower industry in Colombia and the benefits of the FTA between the two countries.

Each bouquet will have messages like: "This is a gift from a Colombian floriculture. Colombia is the second largest flower exporter in the world and the first in exotic varieties with about 1500 different kinds. "

This sale also seeks to emphasize that Colombian production is under labor and environmental standards, and has been endorsed with the Flor Verde certification, in turn recognized by GLOBALGAP. 

This information will be available not only in the 40 stores offering the flower sale, but rather in all 320 Loblaws stores across Canada.

Stand de flores - Colombia - Macrorrueda Canada Additionally, and following the strategy PROCOLOMBIA will have a showroom in Toronto early December this year, with Canadian buyers and Colombian exporters.

According to information from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, and based on figures from DANE (National Statistics Department), exports of fresh flowers to Canada totaled U.S. $ 16.1 million between January and June 2011, 15.7% more than the same period in 2010. 

PROCOLOMBIA has identified business opportunities in Canada to explore, as well as in other markets such as Eastern Europe and Japan.

Colombia has a tropical climate that encourages the growth of flowers, and allows year-round supply. 

The production is based in three climatic zones in the country, Bogotá and its surroundings allows the growth of roses, carnations and alstroemeria; the average temperature of Antioquia allows to grow gerberas and chrysanthemums, and exotic flowers and foliage is grown in regions with warm climates such as Valle del Cauca.

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