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May 28, 2013

The third gathering held by PROCOLOMBIA in the United States reported the greatest business prospects since the FTA went into effect. In total, 303 buyers and 345 Colombian exporters participated. 

After two days and 4,439 business meetings, the Business Matchmaking Forum held by PROCOLOMBIA in Miami culminated with prospects of USD 140 million. This represents the highest figure registered in the three events held by the organization in the United States since the Free Trade Agreement went into effect.

This was confirmed by Maria Claudia Lacouture, PROCOLOMBIA president. "Over 345 Colombian exporters and 303 United States and Caribbean buyers were present. On many occasions, the buyers expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the products on offer. They also encountered a fair, modern and safe country, which is defining itself as a potential provider of goods and services."

She also explained that the deals closed during the event totaled USD 3 million and that "now the Colombian exporters need to get to work. This is the beginning. Colombian companies need to follow up on the business opportunities, fulfilling the agreed delivery of samples and quotes," said Lacouture.

Colombia's range of products was represented by manufactured products such as apparel, workwear, cosmetics, construction materials, furniture, timber, containers and packaging, as well as food and healthcare services. This last is a sector in which prospects of USD 10 million were reported.

The business gathering in Miami was the third held by PROCOLOMBIA in the United States since the FTA came into effect, and is part of a series of events held by the organization to commemorate the first year of the Agreement. The first two gatherings were held in New York and Los Angeles.  Training sessions for Colombian entrepreneurs, an exploratory mission, and events to promote the country as a tourist and investment destination were also held as part of the Forum.