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Questions, Complaints, Claims, Congratulations and Suggestions

For PROCOLOMBIA it is important to know the comments, concerns or disagreements of its users, for which it is best to fill out the following form according to your request.

Note that:

  • Question: is a request for information or clarification on some aspect related to the services or activities of PROCOLOMBIA.
  • Congratulations: it is an expression of satisfaction or recognition towards any official or service provided by PROCOLOMBIA.
  • Suggestion: it is a proposal or recommendation that a user makes in order to improve or enhance some aspect of the services offered by PROCOLOMBIA.
  • Complaint: it is the manifestation of a disagreement towards a PROCOLOMBIA collaborator.
  • Claim: it is the manifestation of a disagreement with a service provided by PROCOLOMBIA,

If your registration corresponds to a complaint or claim, PROCOLOMBIA has defined a term of 15 business days for the generation of a response to the case that you manifest.