• "Colombia: A Dynamic Economy "
    EIU (Market Indicators & Forecasts)
  • "The system used for the electronic processing of medical records
    is more advanced than in many parts of the world"
    Kenneth W. Bleakley, Fonemed president
  • "It is wonderful to know Colombia, which has the same level of service as
    U.S. but at a better price "
    Kendis Gibson, CBS correspondent
  • "I was surprised by the doctors level of education and the way
    of treating the patient" Jacqueline Madrigal
    American Apparel
  • "I feel that if you are operating here, success is assured.
    I can really support people to come for medical treatment"
    Jacqueline Madrigal, American Apparel

16 Colombian clinics among the best 40 in Latin America

America Economia magazine published the ranking and evaluated according to the services provided to clinics and hospitals from Mexico to Chile. There are four from Colombia among the top 10.

Bogota, Sept. 24. (Pxp). - After analyzing 190 clinics and hospitals in Latin America, America Economia magazine confirmed Colombia's ranking as one of the most competitive markets after 16 institutions in four cities (Bogota, Medellin, Bucaramanga and Cali), were included among the top 40 list.

"They have developed very good institutions, and there are noticeable development areas in different cities. There is a very promising future", mentioned Andres Almeida from America Economia, during his recent visit to Colombia, managed by PROCOLOMBIA to see Colombian institutions firsthand.

Several factors such as safety and dignity for the patient, human capital, knowledge management, efficiency, and prestige of the institution, were considered and measured through surveys answered by physicians and readers of the magazine.


The level and quantity of specialized and sub-specialized physicians was also noticeable. "In average, 85.4% of the physicians in ranked Colombian hospitals are specialized, and 27.7% sub-specialized; whereas the general average for the top 40 was of 82.2% and 22.8%.


Four Colombian institutions were located among the top 10 in Latin America. This year, Fundacion Santa Fe lead the Colombian presence at position number 4. Fundacion Valle del Lili in Cali was at position 8 in 2011 and 7 in 2012; Fundacion Cardioinfantil went from position 10 to 8, and Cardiovascular de Colombia from 14 to 9.


The following were also ranked among the top 40: Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, Hospital San Ignacio de Bogota, Centro Medico Imbanaco, San Vicente de Paul Medellin, Clinica Las Americas, Instituto de Ortopedia Infantil Roosevelt, Foscal, Hospital General de Medellin, Clinica Leon XIII, Clinica del Occidente, Clinica Marly and Clinica Medellin.


The report highlighted that in terms of competitive markets around health care "The Colombian case is the clearest. Four cities (Bogotá, Medellin, Bucaramanga and Cali) enjoy the presence of 16 hospitals, the largest national sub-set in the ranking. The Colombian market is strongly decentralized, it multiplies its competition in each health area distributed among the territory".


The measurement was carried out in clinics and hospitals in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.


A world-class industry


The National Government classified the medical service export industry as a world-class sector. Based on this, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, and PROCOLOMBIA are working to position the country abroad through its participation in international events such as the Health World Congress in Chicago and Costa Rica; and acknowledgment trips, where insurance brokers and facilitators are invited to see the technology, the infrastructure and Colombian clinics firsthand.


TEvery activity has allowed direct contact with the end consumer, insurance companies, facilitators and foreign physicians. These actions have been strengthened by market studies, and the identification of opportunities for the sector.

APROCOLOMBIA has been supporting the international approval of several institutions. There are 16 with national level approval and two with international approval, such as that of the Joint Commission International.

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