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Bogotá, capital city of Colombia
Colombia is placed in the middle of the American continent, between five different time zones, and close in distance to several North, Central and South American nations. It is reputed as one of the richest countries in biodiversity, an economy in constant growth, and leader among the emerging countries. It is also recognized for its good bussiness practices, reliability, and social and environmental responsibility policies.
Port of Cartagena
United States and Colombia have maintained important bussiness relationships for decades, and their economic and productive bases are complementary. American companies can explore new business oportunities in Colombia in different sectors such as agribusiness, textile, manufacturing and services. In 2011, 44 % of the Colombian exports were headed to the United States.
The Colombia- U.S. FTA promotes trade in goods
The Free Trade Agreement between United States and Colombia brings numerous benefits for both countries. It will open new doors for more business and comercial oportunities that will boost their economies and will translate into the reduction of unemployment and poverty rates of these nations.
Logistics, Colombia, opportunities
Colombia´s strategic geographic location offers great advantages for this kind of services, that low costs and reduces time of deliveries. Our country has 1.359 ocean-freight frequencies, almost 1.000 air connections, and direct flights to the main countries across America. There are 13 cargo airlines available only for the United States market, as well as 1.574 cargo flights per week, 13 shipping companies and 296 ships with weekly routes to the United States.
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Colombia has a diverse exports offer that goes from the agribusiness, manufacturing, and clothing industry, to the services sector. It has the most productive labor force and highest-skilled manual labor availability in South America, according to PricewaterhouseCooper's 2009 report and its goods and services sector set the difference among other countries for its quality, creativity and added value. The Colombian entrepreneur is reputed for being able to adapt their offer to any customer´s demands.
proexport, agenda, events
PROCOLOMBIA´s promotional plans for the FTA include more than 150 activities programmed in all 32 colombian departments, and the 50 states of USA this year. Three business matchmakings will be organized within this year, where more than 250 colombian exporters will have business appointments with american companies. PROCOLOMBIA also will run several seminars that will show the american entrepreneur all the exports, tourism and investment opportunities in Colombia.
Opportunities, investment, Colombia, proexport
According to some of the most influential media in the world, Colombia is nowadays considered as a ‘jewel” for foreign investment. In 2011, Colombia was the fifth country in the world in terms of foreign direct investment growth, and the first in Latin America that most protects foreign investors. It offers investment opportunities in BPO, software and IT services, free trade zones, biofuels, oil goods and services, private equity funds, automotive and autoparts, among others.
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Colombia has one of the largest water resources in the world, is located on the tropics, and possesses diverse ecosystems, natural forests, grasslands, wetlands, and majestic snowpeaks. Its it offers a rich variety of history, architecture, culture, weathers and costumes, which makes it a very attractive country to visit.
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We have one comercial office in the United States and two comercial representatives , that will provide you any information tailored to your needs.