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Colombia - U.S. Bilateral Commerce

Port of Cartagena Colombia - U.S. Bilateral Commerce
United States and Colombia have maintained important bussiness relationships for decades, and their economic and productive bases are complementary. American companies can explore new business oportunities in Colombia in different sectors such as agribusiness, textile, manufacturing and services. In 2011, 44 % of the Colombian exports were headed to the United States.
  • U.S. exports to Colombia in 2011 were $21,705,215 thousand.
  • U.S. goods imports from Colombia in 2011 were USD 13,593,581 thousand: 60% of this imports were benefit from the ATPDEA, this is the equivalent to USD 9,730,644 thousand.

Our economies are basically complementary in terms of the merchandise we ship each other. American companies can find opportunities in the agribusiness sector, textiles, manufacturing industry and services. 



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United States of America's imports from Colombia

United States of America's exports to Colombia

Value in 2010, USD thousand

Value in 2011, USD thousand

Value in 2010, USD thousand CIF

Value in 2011, USD thousand CIF

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13,593, 581


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