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Colombia: a market of opportunities

Bogotá, capital city of Colombia Colombia: a market of opportunities
Colombia is placed in the middle of the American continent, between five different time zones, and close in distance to several North, Central and South American nations. It is reputed as one of the richest countries in biodiversity, an economy in constant growth, and leader among the emerging countries. It is also recognized for its good bussiness practices, reliability, and social and environmental responsibility policies.
  1. Capital: Bogota D.C.
  2. Population : 46.4 million (the second largest Spanish-speaking population after Mexico)
  3. Total area : 1.141.748 Km2
  4. Territorial waters: 928.660 Km2
  5. Administrative Structure : 32 departments and a Capital District
  6. Form of Government: Presidential Republic
  7. President Juan Manuel Santos (2010 - 2014)
  8. Official Language : Spanish
  9. Religion: The country is predominantly Catholic, but the Political Constitution of Colombia guarantees freedom of faith.
  10. Currency: Colombian Peso (COP).
  11. Time Zone: GMT -5 hours.
  12. GDP: 5,9% 2011)
  13. CPI: 0,73% (January 2012)
  14. Unemployment rate: 11,9% (febrero 2012)


  • Colombia is ideally situated at a nexus between countries in the north and south of the continent, with access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • Colombia has a diverse, exportable offer that covers post-industrial products, manufacturing, clothing and services.
  • Colombian companies are certified internationally under, BASK, C-TPAT, HACCP, Global GAP, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OKO-CCOF and Fair Trade.
  • Colombia has more than 3.600 ocean-freight frequencies and almost 1.000 air connections, Colombia offers excellent export logistics.
  • Colombia has the most productive labor force and highest-skilled manual labor availability in South America, according to PricewaterhouseCooper's 2009 report.
  • International buyers have rated the Colombian product range as having “outstanding quality,” especially in the clothing sector.
  • According to Doing Business, Colombia is the third most "friendly" country for doing business and the top reformer in Latin America.
  • It is the fifth country in the world and first in the region that most protects its investors.
  • Colombia is the C in Civets as it has a large population, a dynamic and diverse economy, political stability and a bright future. 
  • Puertos Maritimos - ExportacionesColombia is the 28th largest economy in the world and 4th in Latin America, the 24th largest population in the world and 2nd largest Spanish-speaking population in the world.
  • The GDP per capita has doubled in the last six years, from USD$ 2,482 in 2004 to USD$ 6,136 in 2010.
  • The country currently has the highest level of international reserves USD$ 28,400 million and the lowest in terms of inflation 3.7% in 2011.
  • Colombia has five free trade agreements (FTA) in place and one signed with the United States. The agenda includes 18 international investment agreements (IIA) and 16 agreements to prevent double taxation (DTA) with 21 countries.
  • Foreign investors in Colombia have an excellent possibility to access the U.S. market because of the free trade agreement signed with this country.

Colombia, distinguishes ...

  • According to IMD World Competitiveness 2011, Colombia is the country in the region with the highest availability of skilled labor and credibility of its managers.
  • It is the country that ranks first in Latin America in knowledge transfer and innovation capacity.
  • In Latin America Colombia is the country that offers the best support to stimulate innovation and the second to have a legislation that encourages scientific research.
  • Colombia advances in the development of an effective education system that meets the needs of the economy and ranks among the most competitive in the region.
  • Colombia is the second country in the region in the government decision effectiveness and justice implementation rankings according to IMD World Competitiveness, 2011.
  • Colombia is the first in technological cooperation in the region and second in development and applications in technology, communications technology and connectivity.
  • It is the first Latin American country in supporting the productivity of companies.
  • Colombia is a leader in energy infrastructure in Latin America and in guaranteeing future energy supply according to IMD World Competitiveness, 2011.
  • Colombia accelerates the development of green technologies and advances as a leader in Latin America towards sustainable development.

2012 Economic forecast

  • Economic growth > 4.5% to 5%
  • Inflation > Less than 3.5%
  • Fiscal deficit > Less than 3.4%
  • Exports > +11% 66,000 USD (18,000 USD non-mining goods)
  • FDI > +10% (14,000 USD exchange balance)
  • Tourism > +10% (3.35 million foreign travelers)

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