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The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Catalog, by ProColombia, brings together Colombia’s offer of personal care products and safety protocols services, to support virus and bacteria spread prevention efforts.  

Featuring the following categories:

  1. IT Solutions and apps tailored-made for symptoms tracking, infection surges, among others.
  2. Prescription and Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications.
  3. Cleaning supplies for sanitized homes and workspaces.
  4. Hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohol for personal use.
  5. Face shields 
  6. Reusable face masks: made with customized fabrics and designs.
  7. Single-use face masks: made with non-woven fabrics and filters.
  8. Hand sanitizing and surface cleaning disinfecting wipes.
  9. Protective suits and uniforms for workspaces.
  10. Hospital furniture: design, tech and comfort for best patient care.


Find out more about this offer, featuring 318 businesses that have developed products and services complying with the highest quality standards expected under the current global situation.

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